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  • Can I choose the colour of my Guy Ropes?
    Our tents come with standard, but very strong and rot proof guys. However you can also choose, Green or White thick Rope guys too if you prefer. As long as stocks last. For B2B Please ask if you would like us to quote for a specific colour to match your branding.
  • Do the sides roll up?
    No the sides do not roll up as the ground sheet is sewn in. We have found with experience that this is a feature that is rarely used and also allows penetration of water and bugs.
  • Do your tents come with a groundsheet?
    Yes our tents have sewn in groundsheets. This limits draught, damp and water ingress as well as keeping bugs and debris away from the eges of the tent. The groundsheet is extra think to prevent tearing, and thorns from penetrating.
  • Do your tents come with a stove hole?
    No, our tents do not come with a stove hole, but should you wish to fit a stove this is a very easy process using a silicone flashing. We can advise you on how this can be done and the parts you would need.
  • Do I need to do a 'wet run'?
    Some canvas tents need a 'wet run' to tighte the weave of the canvas the first time it is exposed to the rain. This is completely normal. However, we have found that because of the quality and thickness of our tents a 'wet run' is not necessary. You may find that depending on the weather prior to the rain, some drips may gather to the sides of the door the first time you use your tent in the rain, but this is fairly unusual and will occur only minimally.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    Yes we offer incremental discounts to Trade for 2+ tents! Get in touch to let us know your requirements and we will make you an offer.
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